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Monday, January 24, 2022

Digital Marketing Industry Updates – January

Highlight Products at the Top of Your Google Local and Map Listings

A new feature for Google Business Profiles (formerly Google My Business) was recently identified by users. This feature, found in your Local and Google Map listings, allows you to pin a product to the top of your listing, giving it more exposure and traffic. This would work especially well with products that businesses want to push or highlight, or for products that are discounted or on sale. To find this new feature, simply go to your product listing and look for the tick box, “Mark as Special”. Some users, however, have mentioned that the feature hasn’t yet rolled out to their accounts. If you do see it on your Google Business Profile, it would be great to take advantage of it as early as possible to give your business that headstart.

Facebook Removes 4 Major Targeting Categories in Ads Manager

This January, Facebook has removed 4 major categories in its ad targeting system, namely: political beliefs, sexual orientation, health causes, and religious practices and groups. The change is a response to users expressing their concern over being identified based on their affiliation with certain social causes, health conditions, and demographics. The removal of these ad categories happened just last January 19, leaving advertisers until March 17 to make adjustments to existing ad campaigns and ad sets targeting these categories. Any new campaigns created, however, can no longer target these categories. If your business is currently targeting these 4 major categories or other niche categories under them, then it would be best to schedule a call with your Facebook Ads manager to discuss how best to move forward with the change.

Twitter Tests Advanced Search Options for Direct Messages

The last update that Twitter made for their direct messages was back in 2019 wherein they implemented the “Search for People and Groups”. Recently, some users have noticed a new feature in the back-end code that gives them advanced search options for DMs. Should the changes be implemented, it would be of great help for businesses to sort through their customer service responses, by helping them find certain keywords or topics throughout their DMs. There might be some privacy concerns and considerations should Twitter decide to roll out advanced search, but overall it would be a helpful tool for both regular users and businesses.


Instagram Looking to Introduce New Feed Options for Users

After the long clamour of users asking for the old chronological Instagram feed of the app’s earlier years, Instagram’s chief Adam Mosseri announced that they’re currently developing new feed options for the platform. Alongside the Instagram feed that we all know now, that’s based on each individual user’s interests and engagement, are two new feeds called, “Favourites” and “Following”. The first will allow users to create a list of their favourite accounts on Instagram and then show them a chronological feed with posts from those accounts at the top. The second feed, “Following” will serve posts from accounts users follow in chronological order, based on the time and date posted. Overall, this would potentially create more variety in people’s feeds, and hopefully, keep more users tuned to the app (as Mosseri has noted that most people don’t get through most of their feeds in Instagram’s current state).