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Reviews & Testimonials - Search Marketing Experts

Hello Coffee

Justin knew he needed to reach a new audience and expand his business channels in order to survive the pandemic. So, SME took on the challenge. 

“Frankly, I know that it’s because of stuff like this, it has kept us going.” 

“Because of our online sales, we now have this reliable income stream. Pre working with you guys, it was probably 5% of our revenue. Now it has grown to something significant.” 

Justin – Hello Coffee


  1. Increase Conversions 
  2. Increase Traffic to New Website
  3. Decrease Cost of Conversions


  • 27.21% Increase In Impressions
  • 167% Increase in Conversions
  • -40% Decrease in Cost Per Conversion
  • 68% Increase in Conversion Rate 

British 4WD


“It’s working really really well.” 

“I get a lot more calls in areas where I wouldn’t normally get them from.”

“It’s just really taken off.” 

“Business has increased. ” 

Alan – British 4WD

Flat Out International


“We kind of just exploded.” 

“Being in the right place at the right time is crucial, and the guys really helped with all of that. 

“I’m ex-IT, and spent 10 years doing web development. So, I’ve sold these services and done these services before, but I had to outsource because you can’t do everything yourself. Having had that experience, I knew that when these guys, when they’re telling me what they were telling me, they were actually legit and doing the right thing. It’s really good to have people that weren’t saying whatever they could to get more money out of me. They’ve actually been doing a good job.” 

“I’ve definitely seen an increase in sales, and enough of an increase for the ad budget to have definitely paid for itself.” 

“I think about my management fee for SME as a staff member that I don’t have to have full time. If I paid that money to one of my staff members, I wouldn’t get the same value, because they don’t have the Google tools, they don’t have the in-house experience, and they aren’t focusing on it all day, every day.” 

“Hiring somebody like SME means you’re going to get the result you were hoping for without the learning and time effort. It’s a well-spent resource.” 

Zoe – Flat Out International

Forever Yours Flowers

Beryl wanted to increase her online exposure & overcome the challenges facing her business during lockdown. 

“Just that little bit of caring makes me feel like you’ve got the best interests for my business.”  

Beryl - Forever Yours Flowers


  1. Expand Geographic Reach  
  2. Target High-end Clients 
  3. Break Into Niche Market 


  • 20% Increase in Consultations
  • -47% Decrease in Cost per Conversion
  • 95% Increase in Conversion Rate 

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