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At SME, we’re digital marketing experts! We specialise in championing small to medium business online. Google Ads gets your business in front of thousands of potential customers daily. SME are here do the work of creating and managing your complex Google Advertising campaigns, so you can focus on launching your business for success.

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Google Ads

Google Ads is the most effective way to drive authentic traffic and customers to your business. Control your digital marketing like never before with Google Ads unique campaign opportunities, giving you control over the results you want to achieve for your business. Google Ads, covers a multitude of platforms including search, shopping, youtube, display - depending on your business needs!


Google Ads gives your business a boost in visibility, targeting those who are already searching for products or services you offer! Our experts develop the best Google Ads strategy, and with you, have control over the keywords and searches that will guide customers straight to your website.


Get detailed SME reporting and view insights, and performance metrics with only a few clicks! We live track Google Ads to keep an expert eye on your clicks, leads and conversions from your ads. Our Experts use this data to identify the exact ad or keywords that engage your customers and realign your campaigns, ultimately delivering you better results.


As you’re only paying for actual visitors who click these ads to your page, Google Ads offers a better return on investment than other forms of advertising. Click spend varies between keywords used, and the program allows you to set daily budgets on campaigns. Offering small businesses an easy approach to digital marketing that delivers results. Let us set up, optimise and manage your Google Ads account letting your business skyrocket to the top spot. Get more leads, conversions, and sales from your digital marketing campaigns.

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We’re proud to help each of our clients skyrocket their business, with our expert SEO strategies!