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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

SEO Keyword Selection Tactics

To earn those high ranking positions on a search engine results page, it’s imperative that you select the keywords most relevant to the landing page you’re hoping to get clicks on. Whether this be a home page or services/products page, your keywords are there to drive valuable and motivated prospects to your site and, ideally, end in a sale. But how do you find those perfect keywords? We’ve got a few SEO keyword selection tactics to share with you.

SEO Keyword Selection Process

When entering the SEO keyword selection process, it’s important that you get into the mind of your target market and think about their buyer persona. What language would they use? What terms would they search? Utilise long tail phrases (two or more keywords) as they tend to have less competition but ensure they’re still high intent keywords that attract the right prospects. It would also be wise to identify keywords that you’re already using that perform well to discern the content that works best.

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Keyword Tools

While marketing agencies love to make use of paid keyword tools, as a small to medium entrepreneur, you may not have the cash to spare. Luckily, we know of some great free tools that can help you in the SEO keyword selection process. Our favourite, and possibly the most reputable of all, is the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Without even investing in a tool, Google can help you find relevant keywords with their autocomplete suggestions and their related searches at the bottom of a results page.

Using Your Keywords

The most important aspect of your SEO keyword selection process is to ensure the focus of the landing page is relevant to the keywords you’ve chosen. Be sure to place your keywords across your website (in content such as blogs and web pages), on your social media, and even mention them in speeches or videos you appear in.

The key aspect of SEO is to improve user engagement and reduce your bounce rates. With so many businesses and entrepreneurs creating content and competing for the top positions on search engines, it’s imperative you choose keywords with high user intent that are still relevant to your landing page focus.

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