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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Digital Marketing Industry Updates – October

Big Changes Coming for Facebook Ads Objectives

The social media giant is making some significant changes to its ad objectives in the weeks ahead. All current ad objectives are now going to be grouped into six new objectives, mainly: awareness, traffic, engagement, leads, sales, and app promotion. While Facebook has mentioned that the change will now affect reporting and results, it would be good for advertisers to better familiarise themselves with the current objectives. Facebook has also specified that any active campaigns will remain active, and will not require advertisers to make any changes. For any new campaigns being created, though, it would be a good idea to refer to Facebook’s ad objective grouping to avoid confusion.


Have You Applied for a Twitter Professional Profile Yet?

Twitter is opening up applications for their new Professional Profile! Beta testing for the new profile page started back in April, where Twitter invited a couple of businesses to test and take part. Recently, applications have opened for businesses, creators, and influencers wanting to look more professional on the platform. To apply, simply click through this link. Take note, however, that the process is still clunky, as users aren’t allowed to manually edit the profile once submitted. To make and apply any changes, you’ll have to resubmit your application. The new Professional Profile includes three modules: the About Module, which will contain your business information and contact details and your hours of operation, the Shop Module, which is a new feature that will allow users and followers to purchase your products on Twitter, and the Newsletter Module, which serves as a place to let your followers know about any recent news or updates. 


Google Introduces Continuous Scrolling for Mobile Search Results

Some recent news broke out from the search engine giant that has the digital marketing industry making noise. Google is now updating the user experience for mobile searchers that mimics social media platforms: the infinite scroll. Instead of the “See more results” button often found at the bottom of your initial search results, users will be served a continuous stream of relevant links. Users are curious about how this would affect their SEO and organic search. One thing is for sure, though, the continuous scroll could help those sites that find themselves on pages 2, 3, and so on of the search results page since mobile users will no longer be able to identify the difference.


Attention Needed! Google Updates Advertiser Identity Verification Policy

Google is making changes to its Advertiser Identity Verification Policy as a way to further improve the quality of advertising on their network. The update will require advertisers to accomplish the task of verifying their account within 30 days after they receive the appropriate email. Currently running campaigns will be paused at the end of the 30 days should the account fail to verify their identity. The update will allow Google to publicly display business information such as contact information, ad creatives, the dates and locations that these ads are being served, advertiser name change history, ads removed, and accounts suspended.