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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Digital Marketing Industry Updates – December

Live Video and Newsletters Now Available on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Live has recently been made available to all creators on the platform. Initially, live video was only accessible to members who met a certain criterion based on LinkedIn’s community standards, which included a follower/connection base of at least 150. Now, LinkedIn has opened up its live video features to all creators, which is good news for small businesses as they can now maximise their engagement on LinkedIn. Additionally, LinkedIn has also introduced a Newsletter feature to Creator Mode users, which should prove to be a helpful tool for keeping in touch with your audience. Each time you publish a new article in your newsletter, subscribers are instantly served push, in-app, and email notifications altogether. This increased visibility could be a vital step in helping creators and businesses boost their authority and their credibility, especially on LinkedIn.


Instagram Parent and Guardian Tools Are Coming!

Instagram has recently announced that this coming March 2022 new tools and features are coming to help parents and guardians better manager their teens’ social media usage. Taking a bold step towards promoting healthier lifestyle habits among the youth, Instagram is going to be providing parents the authority to monitor and limit their teen’s Instagram use. Instagram is also going to introduce an educational hub that provides tips and tutorials from experts on how to engage their teens in a meaningful conversation about social media use. All this ties in well with a recent feature that Instagram has been testing out, the “Take a break” feature, wherein users can set up a reminder after a certain period to encourage them to take a break from the app.


Microsoft Bing Now with Searchable Local Store Inventory

Microsoft’s Bing and Bing Local has recently been spotted with a simple yet significant new feature. Now Bing users can find and look through the current stock for local stores for items they’re searching for. That’s right, store inventory is now visible on the search engine’s results pages, along with other important business information such as store locations, operating hours, and online reviews. To do this, the search engine sifts through your online store’s Local Inventory Ads (LIAs) and non-product ads (non-LIA) to get an idea of what items you have in stock. If you’re a local business looking to increase sales through search ads, now would be a good time to update your inventory listings so that potential buyers will have an easier time finding and discovering you!


NEW Inspiration Hub Comes to Facebook Creator Studio

Ever had trouble coming up with ideas for your next batch of social media posts? Facebook recently brought in a solution to that problem with introducing Facebook Creator Studio’s new Inspiration Hub. Facebook has been slowly moving more and more tools, statistics, and diagnostics onto Creator Studio, their in-house social media content management and scheduling tool. The way the Inspiration Hub works is that it pools the most popular posts and hashtags that are relevant to your Facebook page. As a discovery tool, it also allows you to narrow down and filter the hub by region, page category and content type. A handy tool to have if you want to look at what’s currently trending within your industry, it looks like Facebook is working hard towards pushing Facebook Page owners and managers to make full use of Creator Studio to plan and publish their content.