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Forever Yours Flowers

Client Video Summary


Beryl owns Forever Yours Flowers and is a master textile artist in the events and wedding space creating client’s dream colour palettes and arrangements. Based out of Melbourne and being in the events space, Covid poised a multitude of challenges for Beryl’s businesses and she knew she had to act fast to reach a wider audience. Transitioning online in late 2020, Beryl partnered with Search Marketing Experts in a bid to increase her online exposure and overcome the challenges of lockdown by facilitating online consultations with her clients while expanding her reach beyond the confines of Melbourne. Search Marketing Experts started Beryl on a Google Search campaign targeted at regions where the event space was slowly beginning to reopen while optimising her targeting to focus on higher-end weddings with a minimum order budget. Since partnering with Josef from Search Marketing Experts, we have continued to successfully help Beryl overcome these challenges and bring in a steady stream of online enquiries that span multiple states. These strategies have significantly increased her online enquiries while the continued optimisation of ad targeting has lowered her cost per click and overall marketing spend.



“Working with Joey has been amazing. He cares about the success of my business. As a business owner, professionalism & how he responds are high on my list of company traits that are an asset to me. Joey always has my best interests and creates the right environment for me to feel comfortable and secure in the process.”


Beryl Hedger – Forever Yours Flowers



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