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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

May Digital Marketing Industry Updates

Meta’s Ad Library Listings Now Provide More Insights

As part of its ongoing efforts to limit access to users’ personal data and provide more transparency on how advertisers use this data, Meta has decided to add more information about political, election or social advertisements to its platform. This change should help researchers better analyze ad usage trends and give marketers better insight into their competitors’ strategies and tactics. Overall, it should give advertisers more information as to the audiences their competition is targeting. That said, if you’re currently on the hunt for new audiences or tactics to test out for your business, now might be a good time to explore the competition in Meta’s ad library.

Meta Ad Library


Exciting New Immersive Google Map Features Announced!

At its recent I / O Summit in 2022, Google announced a host of upcoming features and tools, including Maps’ most engaging feature. This new immersive visualization combines Street View and aerial imagery to create a more dynamic and complete digital model. This would be a great marketing tool for businesses in the restaurant and tourism industries, as it helps give potential customers a good idea of ​​their location before they even set foot there. Even more exciting about this feature is the fact that it also promises that users can experience the interiors of popular places, attractions or restaurants through their device.

Google Immersive Search


LinkedIn’s New Content Discovery Updates

LinkedIn has made several improvements to its platform, including some updates to content discovery which will definitely make the professional network much more valuable for professionals. When searching for certain topics, trends, or news, users will now see not only content from those within their network but content from relevant creators as well. This makes it easier for users to get the latest insights, news, and expert opinions on certain topics. LinkedIn has also made it easier to find content previously seen on the platform by allowing users to search for a creator’s name or certain keywords located within their content. If you’re looking to connect with prospects, customers, or potential partners, this could be a good time to jump back onto LinkedIn.

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YouTube Shorts Gets New Green Screen Option & Updates!

YouTube’s 60-second shorts recently updated their green screen feature. To access the green screen feature, simply select Create > Green Screen from the options under the video you’re watching. Or, if you’re watching YouTube shorts, click the three-dot menu and select Green Screen. The feature was first launched last October to compete with short video content on TikTok and Instagram. However, when the feature was released, the green screen option only allowed users to download content from their camera roll to use as wallpaper. More options have now been added, including using an appropriate YouTube video or short as the background. This has been used as reaction videos, among other things, where influencers react to the latest memes or videos in their own feeds.

YouTube Shorts Green Screen