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Want SEO results like this?

We stuck a rocket under Damian’s website and fired it to the moon. 

He got 1000’s of sales, paid off his mortgage, built up a tan, and semi-retired on a quiet beach somewhere in Thailand. Nice! 

“SME has taken my listing from something like page 57 on Google to page 1 within a matter of months.

They have provided consistent and informative updates along the way and have been flexible in their approach.

Highly recommended if you want that coveted Page 1 position!


Damian Bleeker

Be like Damian.
Choose to work with Australia's most-awarded digital marketing agency and benefit from over 16 years of experience in delivering wallet-fattening results.

4.2 out of 94 reviews

Sure, they're "familiar" or "predictable", but...

Ads costs are rising faster than inflation!

If you’ve put some of your hard-earned into the paid ads egg basket, then these stats might rock you:

In the last 12 months alone: 

  • Facebook – up 47%
  • Amazon – up 50%
  • Snapchat – up a whopping 130%

While paid ads are always going to be a valuable way to drive growth, it’s no secret that they aren’t cheap….

AND it’s not slowing down any time soon!

Now Read This (Carefully):

With paid ads, if you don’t pay, you don’t play.

You need a steady stream of cash to funnel towards your ads bill.

But the MILLISECOND you stop paying… 

You’ll be cut off. Happy hour is over. 

And customers can’t find you.

If you’re not up for consideration, then you’re not even running the race…

But with  SEO, customers will continue to find you, WITHOUT you having to pay for Every. Single. Click.

Forget relying on the ad budget that’s gnawing away at your profit margins.

Instead, embrace that sweet, sweet organic traffic, that doesn’t cost a bomb every time someone clicks.

Once SEO is set up, you can consider it the gift that keeps on giving.

One that you actually want, unlike the annual Lynx shower gel pack (thanks Nan).

Imagine a brave, new world where you DON’T have to minus ad costs from every sale.

4.2 out of 94 reviews

"Paid ads are always going to be a valuable tool for growth. But SEO is a long-term investment that provides an ongoing return for relatively little cost."

Tom Raeder

Head Of Marketing

We Work With Some Of The Best

And thousands of other businesses (of all sizes) right across Australia

No smoke and mirrors here.

"It's the kind of insight that most business owners can only dream about."

We peel back the layers so you can literally see your growth. 

24/7 Access To Your Performance Data

COMING SOON – Jump online and check your up-to-the-minute personalised Data Dashboard. 

You can access accurate data whenever you need it. 

Choice Of Communication

Choose a frequency and style that suits you. 

And we’re always here to help. 

Automated Email Updates

We also send email updates to let you know how your work is progressing.

That way you always know what we’ve been up to behind and in front of the scenes. 


Your Own Team Of Experts

The power of many sharp minds can’t be underestimated. 

Your results will be lovingly crafted and maintained by a team of Experts. 

They’re all highly experienced and love what they do. 

These clients multiplied their growth with SEO. You can, too.

“I have been working with Search marketing experts now for about 1 month and all team members are very professional and extremely helpful.

They know their products well and go out of their way to us grow our businesses.”


Harry Dellar

“I’ll be honest, I don’t normally write reviews and I was a little hesitant at first as I have been stung by a few marketing companies in my time. 

I feel like its now time for me to write one though, as I have found the service and communication that the team at SME have provided me over the past months, to be really good! 

They report on everything, so I know where my money is going and I’m not locked into any contracts (unlike the last  company I was with). 

Thanks heaps guys!”


Ben Mobbs

“We were just getting things happening for a few months and my fireworks business was devastated by COVID…but they didn’t stop. 

My ranking in several target areas skyrocketed. 

I kept in touch and let them know I couldn’t pay but they still didn’t drop the ball.

Things are slowly getting back to normal for us now and after a conversation today with accounts I can see a way forward to maintain their vital service to my business.



Craig Tatnell

4.2 out of 94 reviews

Act NOW - Grab the #1 spot (before your competitors do)

Every day thousands of switched-on business owners are catching on to the advantage that SEO provides. 

The question is – can you afford to be left behind? 

We have a limited number of spaces in our client roster for savvy individuals who want to take their online strategy to the next level. 

Start with ordering your FREE SEO audit below, then book a meeting with an Expert. 

4.2 out of 94 reviews

Get your Free SEO audit report here!

Then, compare your score to your industry's average (included at the bottom of the report email).

Across all industries, the average is just 77%.

Please note: we’ll never share your information with anyone else. 

But we will send you some of the best SEO tips and inside info on search engine marketing from the team at Search Marketing Experts.

We’re a top SEO agency from Brisbane and love getting results with laser-focused SEO services. 

Free Technical SEO Audit - Search Marketing Experts

On the fence about SEO? Read these FAQ's!

What does my technical SEO Audit score need to be?

The average technical SEO score across all industries is 77%.

But, this is just an average… Remember, average is only average.

You need to be exceptional to beat your competition, even if their technical SEO optimization score is low. 

For example – the top 10% of websites reach 92% and above. 

Search engine optimization directly effects the amount of organic traffic your site receives. 

If you want your website to have the best chance of receiving the highest search engine rankings, and therefore the most traffic, you’ll want to aim for the top! 

Is this really a free SEO audit?

Yes, entirely free.

The only thing we ask in exchange is for your email, so we can send you some valuable tips on driving revenue with new customers gained through SEO.

Ultimately, we’d love it if you become a client, but that’s up to you!

We let our work and expertise speak for us. In most cases, we can work our magic 

Why bother with search engine optimization?

Once upon a time, we used the phone book to find local businesses and service providers. Today, the phone book is obsolete. Instead, search engines, like Google, provide us with thousands of options in just milliseconds. Using search engines has become one of the first steps in the process of purchasing goods and services. Around 80% of consumers research online before making a purchase. While most of us use search engines to find the contact details of a business who we may already know about, get more information, or make a purchase on the spot. So, it’s important that they can find your website when they are looking for information, are wanting to purchase, or need to find the next step in the process of becoming your customers. If potential customers can’t find your website, they can’t become your customer! It’s extremely important that your business SEO is as good as it can be. That way, your business can be found when looking specifically for your brand and it’s products. It’s also just as important for potential customers to find your brand and product while they search for your competitor’s offerings. That way you are an option, instead of being an unknown.

What will a technical SEO audit tell me?

Think of a technical SEO audit like an audit of your website’s health from a search engine optimization perspective. 

It gives you warnings, errors, and notices, which all need to be addressed to make sure your website has the best chance at achieving good search engine rankings, and most important, beating your competition. 

Does SEO even work?

Anyone that thinks SEO doesn’t work is poorly informed.

Many business owners don’t believe in SEO, maybe because they’ve had a bad experience.

Often, this is simply because they haven’t got their strategy right. Many inexperienced SEO professionals will promise you the world, without looking at the facts. They will usually bite off more than they can chew, which leads to a negative experience for all.

Some keywords are more difficult to rank for, as there is already a lot of pre-established competition. Following from this, some industries are also quite competitive. But for the most part, there is always a way, and you simply need a strategy that works for the level your website is at, until you can build up your domain authority and competitive position.

Even in 2022, there are keywords, industries, and niches that still offer amazing amounts of opportunity. You just need to hire a trusted agency with an exceptional SEO team to make it happen.

Isn't SEO Expensive?

Not at all. In fact, SEO is much cheaper than paid advertising, and should be viewed as a long-term investment. Paid ads require you to pay per sale, whereas a carefully designed and well-executed SEO strategy will continue to provide return on investment for many years to come.

A lot of industries have a relatively low level of SEO competition, meaning there is a lot of opportunity for the proactive business owner.

Are you an SEO agency or SEO company?

Yes! We are one of the best and brightest SEO agencies in Brisbane, with over 150 team members across Australia. 

How can your search engine optimization services help me get more customers?

Think of SEO as the best value form of advertising available. 

Once your website is set up correctly, and you have a sufficient number of organic visitors, you can then continue to maintain this level at a much lower cost. 

SEO requires some up-front investment, but it continues to provide return in to the future. When done correctly, this can become your bread-and-butter source of marketing, with a steady influx of new customers. 

Ask yourself – can your business do with a steady source of new customers? The answer is probably YES! 

How can I beat my competitors with SEO?

A sound SEO strategy is based on research and uses data to make informed decisions. 

Our team of search marketing experts use specialised software that ties in with Google to investigate areas of opportunity, which then informs their strategy decisions. 

We conduct research to discover the most visited websites in your niche, which helps us to understand what your customers are actually searching for. 

We also do competitive research to identify areas your competitors are succeeding and incorporate their strategy, together with our own unique insight, into an unbeatable plan for success.

What other search engine marketing services do you offer?

We offer a full range of SEO services as part of our SEO products, including;

  • SEO Content Audit
  • SEO Website
  • Audit
    Technical SEO Audit
  • Page Audit
  • Keyword Gap
  • Competitive Positioning

Do you offer eCommerce SEO audits?

Yes, eCommerce SEO audits are one of our specialties. We also build excellent eCommerce websites with full SEO optimization. 


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